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197 reviews
Top Notch!

I absolutely love this extract. Very light and flakey but easy to use. Very strong tangie smell. Was actually pleasantly surprised by the terpenes. I expected it to almost fake tasting but it literally actually taste really good!

It dabs very nice on my enail and by the 2nd dab I'm completely hit by a train of CBD! It's strong you don't need more than a couple dabs. And I like that!

Well worth it!

CBD Terp sauce

Chakra Xtracts CBD dabs are a good product & would recommend to those that like to dab & those that prefer CBD.

Best CBD lotion

I was given numerous CBD products by a friend, of all the products I used CHAKRA EXTRACTS Medi-Rub. I keep it near me at all times. I had my left rotator repair in August then spinal surgery, this was my rescue in the hospital for my right rotator cuff tear that is I repaired til my spine heals. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know with pain issues. I have one bottle away and bought another immediately so I wouldn’t be without it. Thanks for a great product.

Terpene slab

Awesome product , great calming effect , very tasty


My dog has terrible arthritis. These CBD treats help tremendously! They’re all natural, which I love, and Buddy is always so excited to get his “Treats”