Chakra Xtracts in a Nutshell

"Chakra Xtracts has quickly become a worldwide industry leader in the global hemp CBD market. We are a vertically integrated operator with in house hemp cultivation, a state of the art manufacturing facility, and a robust distribution system all under one company. We work closely with our team of local farmers and extractors to produce industry leading pharmaceutical grade CBD from our hemp farms in Colorado. Our team proudly processes all our hand crafted products with thoughtful, responsible, and gentle techniques."

Four Reasons to Trust Chakra Xtracts

Commitment to Organic

Chakra Xtracts manages all of its OWN hemp production, from our very own hemp genetics seedlings to a finished, harvested organic hemp. All hemp is grown with organic practices with no pesticides on USDA organic land in Colorado. We extract all of our own CBD oils in Licensed Facilities with the highest standards in the industry.

Charitable Donations

Chakra Xtracts is honored to have an opportunity to give back to the community on a daily basis. We proudly donate 2% of sales to charitable organizations for the continued ongoing efforts of animal rights, cancer research, disaster relief, housing and shelter for homeless, military and veterans assistance, medical research, and youth development! We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer our customers a hassle free way to donate within their purchases to give back to the community.

3rd Party Lab Tested Products

Chakra Xtracts lab tests ALL batches of hemp during flowering, during harvest, numerous times during our extraction process, and during product formulation to ensure consistency in our products. All tests are done by reputable 3rd party accredited hemp testing laboratories who are unbiased and trustworthy.

Amazing Customer Service

Chakra Xtracts takes pride in its products and stands behind everything it sells. All of our Products are professionally formulated by experts to create the best CBD bio-availabile products on the market. We take extra measures to make sure our customers are taken care until they find the right combination of CBD products for their own individual needs! Its what we do because we care and will continue to do to make sure everyone has access to affordable, quality CBD!

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