TerpFusion - High Terpene Isolate

TerpFusion - High Terpene Isolate - Chakra Xtracts

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This is our award winning Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpFusion™ in the POWDERED isolate form + our Naturally Derived Food Grade Terpenes. This is derived from organically grown, Non-GMO, Pesticide free, US Certified hemp. This is THC free certified!

Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpFusion™ is carefully extracted via a combination of a gentle supercritical CO2 extraction and through our patent pending isolation process in the wonderful state of COLORADO. We manufacture our oils in a registered FDA facility and we lab test all batches 3x for solvents, heavy metals, and potency throughout the process!


Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpFusion™ is carefully crafted in small batches weekly. Our chemists carefully infuse hand selected terpenes recommended by our flavorologists with our award winning Chakra Xtracts® CBD Powder, all while preserving the molecular structure of the CBD and balancing the natural terpene profile. Our Food Grade terpenes are derived from various Organic Hemp Strains and Pure Organic A Grade Botanical Terpene Blends.

Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpFusion™ is is EXTREMELY versatile for virtually UNLIMITED uses! It’s simply a very raw, pure form of oil with terpenes that can easily be added to anyone’s lifestyle.


  • Dab the TERPFUSION™ in your favorite rig!
  • Insert TERPFUSION™ it in a Wax Pen for portable dabs!
  • Sprinkle TERPFUSION™ on top of a Bowl!
  • Roll TERPFUSION™ into your smokables!


Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpFusion™ is best stored in the fridge to preserve terpenes & must dabbed at extremely LOW temps with a carb cap. Keep lid closed tight at all times, this will keep the natural terpenes from evaporating and contain the flavors in the isolate.




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TerpFusion - High Terpene Isolate

Absolutely love this product. Chakra has the best cbd dabs and isolates I can find, and this was a type of product I had not tried yet. I'm a fan of the TerpSlab and TerpSauce extracts from Chakra so I was so happy when I tried the TerpFusion and discovered not only does it smell and taste just as amazing and vibrant as the other products I love, but this form is by far the easiest to deal with and will be my new go to! It is basically like a crumbly powder so it doesn't stick to everything and I was able to just drop a clump in and not worry about it sticking to anything. It also is AMAZING when sprinkled on flower! It tastes and smells so much better than any thc extracts, if you have not tried it you need to!


Great tastes Vapes easily!


Great taste and great product!! Chakra extracts is one of the best cbd products out there!!

Great potency and flavor

Personally verified to be 100% free of thc,
Took a at home drug test after using for 3 days,
Great Terpene flavor profile, awesome efficient potency, works great for any stress/pain

Great product

This helped with my sciatica and back pain. I was able to get some great sleep. Shipping was very fast. Can’t wait to order again.

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