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Chakra Xtracts has quickly become a worldwide industry leader in the global hemp CBD market. We are a vertically integrated wholesale and retail distributor with in house hemp cultivation, a state of the art manufacturing facility, and a robust distribution system all under one company. We work closely with our team of local farmers and extractors to produce industry leading pharmaceutical grade CBD from our hemp farms in Colorado. Our team proudly processes all our hand crafted products with thoughtful, responsible, and gentle techniques. Feel free to ask us questions anytime about our products. Chat with us in the lower right hand corner or email us for the quickest response!

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Awesome Awesome Awesome

I Vape’s really nice out of my firefly 2+
Makes me feel great!! Flavor is awesome!
Highly recommend

TerpSlabs - High Terpene Slab


Love the flavor , awesome product

Full Spectrum Terpsauce.

Hands down, THE best CBD Dab on the market! You Really feel it! Amazing high Quality product!


I purchased the super lemon haze terpslabs and man does it smell fantastic, really good calming effect and just a great cbd product overall!